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November 14, 2011
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END RUN - Elliot Dapper  KAF-182 by Torinados END RUN - Elliot Dapper  KAF-182 by Torinados
Alternatively titled: Ging slowly learns how to draw people who aren't white.

Talk to him here: [link]

For :iconend-run--pokemon-oct:

Name: Elliot Cecil Dapper
Age: 19
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 172 ilb
Home Town: Lavender Town, Kanto
Military Faction: Special Ops
Extra Items: Army knife, Cleanse Tag, Julida (The Sax)
Likes: Books, science, developing technology, silence
Dislikes: Ghosts, loud noises, cheese.... AND PHASMA.

Elliot is a bit of a twitchy guy. That's what happens when you see dead people. It also doesn't help that you grew up in the most haunted village in the country... and that your Dad is the local mortician. It also doesn't help that your mother's side of the family are all mediums and continually petition you to wear silly clothes and meet face-to-face with the local poltergeist. Lastly, it doesn't really help that all these dead folk seem to have a homing device on you, and specifically you.

Mediums regard the visiting spirits with delight, but the spirits don't always reciprocate the sentiment. When Elliot was younger and starting to come into his 6th sense, his first encounter with a ghost went awry. He barely speaks of that day. Since then, spirits give Elliot panic attacks and he always tries to run from them. Mrs. Dapper has a theory about Elliot's anxiety attracting spirits. They amuse themselves by making the poor kid sweat or, er, faint. Others generally agree with the idea since it's the only one that has remained afloat.

When Elliot sees a ghost he first breaks out into a sweat and begins to cower. He can't help it, it's automatic. Their presence just sets his nerves on fire and kicks his "flight" factor into high drive. When the spirit doesn't appear to be moving on, he makes a mad dash for it. He'll jump over fences, slide under branches, climb up trees, hide under Miltanks, ect until he is in the clear. Years of running from the dead folk have made him a slippery little fellow and an ace at tag/hide-n-go-seek.

Elliot was brought into the war via the draft, he wasn't a volunteer. He tried any and every excuse in the book not to go to war. He knew war + death = restless spirits. Too bad Kanto didn't have any of it and handed him his badge. So he joined the air force. He figured he'd see too many spirits on the battle grounds/trenches and if there was a ghost haunting a ship, there'd be nowhere to hide... so planes were the safest route. Right? There's no ghosts on a plane... right?

Personality wise, besides the rampant paranoia and spooking easily, Elliot is quite a... well to put it kindly, he's a nerd. His penchant is the sciences and has a habit of dropping his expansive vernacular onto the most modest conversation. He is like a walking Wikipedia... before Wikipedia was invented. Spending several years holed up in his room with nothing but books to keep him in touch with the world has warped his sense on social attitudes and really has no idea how to act like a normal person. He is starting to figure out people don't talk like they do in books.

He always talks with a nervous smile and has an issue maintaining eye-contact with people he's not too familiar with. Problem is, he's not big on talking to people because... sometimes he doesn't really know if he's talking to a ghost or another person. So if he's in the gray area, he will not be afraid to make sure you're solid. Hence why he always starts a conversation with a handshake or a pat on the shoulder.

Elliot has a pretty submissive personality, so he's shy to speak up and almost always aims-to-please. Also, he's very insecure and doubts himself easily - so he rarely takes the lead or does things without consulting with an "expert." He's always wary of his potential of messing up any situation. He responds better to harsh criticism than sugar coating - he wants to know he made a mistake and why it's important not to repeat it.

He's also a type to get into deep thought and sometimes dwells on things he did. If he thinks he embarrassed himself in front of someone - or made them uncomfortable, he tries to avoid them out of respect. That, or, he doesn't want to confront the awkward.

He is always surveying what's around him and always looks like he's ready to flee. He hardly stands erect or holds his head up - so to many it probably only exacerbates his creepy awkwardness.

Overall, he's just... weird. And he knows it. Also... don't sneak up behind the kid, startle him, or even say "boo." I warned you.

He also apologizes for EVERYTHING.


POST R3 Update: With the recent death of his father, Elliot decided to lay the "lucky" gun to rest with his old man. Upon going back to Lavender, Ezra's mom gave him a gift from her son - A cleanse tag that is said to repel evil and wild spirits. Elliot also picked up his saxophone, Julida, since he has seen several people playing their instruments around camp and always regretted not taking his.

As of now, Elliot appears emotionally withdrawn and even more quiet than before. His mind appears to always be somewhere else and he always seems to be checking over his shoulder.

The cleanse tag, mysteriously, remains untouched....

Post Round Four update

1. Elliot is rendered mute after a Rogue's venonat hit him with disable - the attack honed in on his vocal chords... which were currently in use at the time.

2. After inadvertently proving to his superiors of his abilities, Elliot was immediately pulled from the air force and was thrust into Phasma's care.

Phasma is forcing him to embrace his birthright... even down to the uniform (in which he tries to hide by stuffing as much as he could behind his jacket when in public.) Elliot has grown to strongly dislike Phasma due to her unraveling his efforts to blend in and be normal. Unfortunately, his superior finds a normal life quite dull.

While she puts a strong emphasis on on him to practice channeling and subjugating his abilities, Elliot finds himself more and more defiant of embracing this lifestyle.


Is lactose intolerant
Will eat licorice for breakfast if he can get away with it
Is an insomniac to the point the people in his barracks are used to it
Has the dumbest laugh. Ever.
Will read science papers and nonfiction books like he's looking at porn
Fluent in Johtoan
When angry, speaks with a Norfolk accent (like his Dad's)
Never stands his full height. Is always slouching and looking at the ground.
Gets extremely uncomfortable when maintaining eye contact
Mimics bird calls with his whistling
Wears his heart on his sleeve - making it very easy to tell what he's thinking/feeling


Tallulah | Arbok | Adamant | Shed Skin | Female:

Tallulah was given specifically to Elliot for one reason. Snakesonaplane She was taught to wrap herself around a person having a panic/anxiety attack and "cuddle" them. She won't let go until the spell passes. At first she was reluctant to be subjugated by humans... until they fed her Rattatas if she behaved and live Raticates if she was really good. To her, people are good because they feed her.

Tallulah has a maternal nature, but also very critical and has one heck of a stare to convey "just wtf you think you doing?" She is very inquisitive and critical of Elliot's decision making, sometimes cocking her eyes at him or "razzing" him. She's a tough cookie and definitely tries to be the boss when she feels her ideas are better. Tallulah enjoys Elliot's company since he's a low key human and appreciates her help. That, and, she's got that boy whipped.

At the close of training, officials attempted to give Elliot a new pokemon due to their inability to synchronize. To them - Tallulah was Elliot's death sentence. However, both had grown too attached to each other and, naturally, met the news with avid resentment. Just as it appeared there were no alternatives, Tallulah forced herself to evolve and wrapped her large and dangerous body around Elliot - making it extremely obvious that she would not leave her trainer.

Following Undella shores, Tallulah is even more reluctant to leave Elliot's side - chalking up his disappearance/ near death experience as her not being there to protect him. Although she is friendly to those who would not harm her trainer, woe be to the idiot who dare tries. She realized how easy it is to kill a human when fighting in Unova and will not hesitate to do it again if Elliot - or anyone he cares about - is put in harm's way.

FUN FACT: Tallulah appears to have bonded with Jocelyn, Autumn's gardevoir. They are often seen flirting chilling together like flyy ladies. Elliot still has to realize this.

Post R4 update was mortally wounded when she threw herself in front of Elliot and took an X-Scissor on the Whirl Islands mission. She subsequently passed from her wounds.

Mickey | Raichu | Naive | Static| Male:

Mickey lived a healthy and happy life with his clan - to the point of indulgence. He was lazy, obese, and unkempt - which factored against him when the army stumbled upon him. He was easily trapped after being lured in by food.

As a Pikachu, Mickey was extremely simple and severely food driven. He was considered obese by Pokemon standards and required a strict diet. He refused to clean himself so his fur was always matted and greasy.

After seeing Elliot plummet to his death, Mickey was mentally and emotionally shattered/traumatized. He refused to eat, walk, or even respond to anyone. He felt Elliot’s death was entirely his fault. Had he been more alert, stronger, and faster… he figured then Elliot wouldn’t have died. The only person who saw worth in him was gone. It was a harsh realization and Mickey fell out of love with himself.

So he vowed to become who he should have been in the first place. If no one was going to take him in, he was going to do his best to keep Autumn safe - something that he knew his master would have wanted. So, while some trainers were given stones to evolve their pokemon, Mickey slipped into the providers tent and stole a thunder stone.

Once evolved, he sought out Lincoln who began whipping him into shape as a Pikachu and begged the Golduck to take him under his wing again. This time, Mickey was going to work. Hard.

Then he heard that Elliot had come back.

That was impossible. He saw his master die with his own eyes. That person on the cot was a stranger. An imposter. And Mickey hated him.

POST R3 Update: Engage rage rat mode. Is violently protective of Elliot and, at the same time, is overtly hostile toward his trainer.

Post R4 update : Mickey was hit hard by Tallulah's death. He is now the undisputed leader of the group. Has become significantly docile around Elliot but increasingly protective/possessive of him around people he doesn't know.

Sherlock | Cyndaquil | Modest | Blaze | Male:

Sherlock is highly inquisitive and is prone to attach to motherly-type figures. He is also a runt.

When Kanto began collecting pokemon, they came across a mother Typhlosion and her three young. Instinctively, she grabbed her two largest children and left Sherlock to the poachers. She knew he was too small and was the most unfit for survival.

Elliot was assigned Sherlock since the higher ups don't take the Private very seriously - and figured they better not waste anymore decent pokemon on him.

Sherlock immediately attached to Autumn, treating her as his new mother. He will also has become a bit possessive of her, lighting Elliot's heels on fire if he comes too close too quickly - interpreting his size difference as hostility. Autumn finds this amusing.

"I hate this, Sherlock is more loyal to Autumn and he is MY pokemon." >8I

Sherlock only raises his quills if he feels that he, or someone he likes, is being threatened. They ignite when he attacks. However, at ease, they collapse back into his fur so he is ready for cuddles.. but watch out, if he gets surprised (and he gets surprised easily,) they come flying out again and you might lose some blood.

Finally, due to Sherlock being abandoned, he has come to question everything. He will investigate anything that beguiles him (like Sergei's mustache) and won't abate until he has figured out what the object is. Other than that, he is quite calm and acts as a mediator between conflicting mons due to his dislike of others unwilling to compromise. He has become pivotal in making Mickey trust Elliot again.

Irene | Froslass | Timid | Ice Body | Female:

Irene hasn't met you yet, but she probably loves you. She is extremely trusting and curious of humans to the point she eagerly greets every new face and sings for them.

Irene also shows an extreme interest in the human language and, at night time, never fails to ask Elliot to read her a "bedtime story." She can tell if a human has an accent or not and will run up to you if you speak in an accent she hasn't heard of yet. Her favorite so far is North Sinnohen. Also, her diet consists of ice cubes and ice cream.

Post R4 update

Evolved into a Froslass and has taken on the maternal figure of the group. However, due to her young age, she bumbles along trying to figure out how to actually be a Froslass... she isn't cute and portable anymore. Ice is also growing over her face daily, seemingly in the shape of a dome or helmet. She doesn't like that and picks at it constantly.

Quirinus | Wynaut | Serious | Shadow Tag | Male:


Autumn is Elliot's girlfriend. He has recently confessed his feelings to her and she reciprocated.

Serrin has made it known he disapproves of Autumn's and Elliot's relationship. Following his defection to the rogues, Elliot has not only grown closer to Autumn, he also has made it known he royally despises Serrin.

Carina has continually encouraged Elliot to stand up for himself and has been a supportive friend.
R3 UPDATE: Now that she's been kidnapped, Elliot often worries about her.

Sergei is a friend of Elliot's and also someone to look up to and respect. Elliot's currently trying to learn some Russian to make communication easier between the two.
R3 UPDATE: Sergei is now a POW, news which Elliot has not reacted well to and is still somewhat in denial of that.

Ariel is one of his best friends. She asked him to be her tutor and he has taught her marine biology. They have no qualms being openly honest to one another.

Charlotte was the first person he met at the Kanto militia. She picked him up and strung him around like a sack of potatoes. They've been chums since.
R3 UPDATE: Strained relationship now that Charlotte defected to the Rogues. And that... Mickey might have killed her...?

Tony is on Elliot's squadron and they are also semi-friends at the moment.

Karl is on Elliot's squadron and he intimidates the ever loving crap out of the kid.

Alan is on Elliot's squadron and they geek out together over books and stuff. When they convene the odor of pocket protector wafts in the air.

Diedrick is on Elliot's squadron. They haven't really spoken beyond that even though they are from the same hometown.

Additional art:
[link] (His first app)
[link] (Elliot's dad)
[link] (Elliot's mum)
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