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END RUN - Tryn Van Gysel by Torinados END RUN - Tryn Van Gysel by Torinados
For :iconend-run--pokemon-oct:

Died in R5 in a fight to the death with Roy Rommel.
Name: Tryn "Trini" Van Gysel
Age: 42
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 237 lbs
Home Town Born in: Pewter City, Kanto
Extra Items: Sarcasm, Kanto Pride, and boobs
Likes: Money, a good book, bonfires met marshmallows, pina coladas, and fast cars.
Dislikes: She has a list of very minor things like stubbing your toe, paper cuts, forgetting people's birthdays and, oh, and rebels
Her theme song: [link]

Tryn is best described as a military brat. She was 12 when the Great War was declared over so most of her childhood was spent following in her daddy's footsteps. She never played with dolls or makeup but preferred toy guns and trains. She also fired off several guns before they were made useless (but she just... kept her memory fresh just in case.) She never stayed in the same area for long, always moving to keep up with where her father's work assigned them.

When she was finally of age, she also joined the Kanto forces. While still a private, she met a man who drove her insane yet beguiled her. She would toss him around like a sack of potatoes and he would call her "Torpedo Tits." In time, the two married since they were the only people who could stand one another. Tryn considered being a stay at home mom and quit moving from base to base until she found out she was infertile. So, she took this as a sign that her place was with the troops. Her husband really didn't mind and found the constant packing up and shipping out amusing.

A few years later Tryn took a shining to training incoming soldiers. She declined offers to raise to higher ranks because she preferred getting to know the new soldiers and preparing them for what may come in the future. She spent most of her time with the fresh recruits from the obstacle course to the mess hall. Because there was no draft back then, she was always interested to hear why these men and women wanted to defend Kanto (especially if they have no blood ties to the military.)

Then, when the new war erupted, Tryn's husband up and left to join a rebel faction. He took a few military secrets with him, some classified objects, two of Tryn's healthiest pokemon, and left the rest of his belongings behind - including the wedding ring. Word has it that particular group of rebels was wiped out by Johto forces, so she says her ex-husband is dead.

Taking strength from the recruits (some which actually rose to levels beyond her but still saluted her first) and her family, Tryn refused to turn her back on her country. She has taken even more measures to be there for her soldiers such as visiting them when they are taken to med bay to attending their funerals if anything should happen - even going as far as writing letters to the fallen's families every holiday and sometimes on a whim if a sudden memory crosses her mind.


Tryn can be described as bossy, loud, lighthearted, idealistic, stubborn, and energetic. She isn't afraid to share a piece of her mind or a slice of whoop-ass pie. She loves to goof off and share a laugh with those who have managed to slip onto her good side and will be reserved and blunt around those on the bad side. Although, like any person, she expresses an array of emotion, her dominant facial expression is that of a bored kindergartner in Barbie 101. She is also is easily distracted and loses her train of thought if she is speaking too quickly.

However, when placed under pressure, Tryn completely sheds her insouciant nature and gets down to business with an almost possessed focus. She is a fierce debater and an even fiercer competitor. Unless you challenge her at chess. Then she just looks lost and confused because she hates losing the horsey-pieces.

Also. Her puns are terrible.

Post R3 update

While keeping the peace in Violet City during a peculiar Rogue demonstration, Tryn ran into her father who pridefully defected to the Rogues. Cue epic showdown here.

Captain Van Gysel convinced Rogers to join the Rogues while Burke, Tryn's primeape, rejoined Kanto.

Wargh will I get to write this out? Nope? Sounds about right...


Bruce | Steelix | Sturdy | Relaxed | Male:

Bruce originally belonged to Tryn's father. Bruce is a very old Pokemon and has lost his hearing over time - which is something the General saw as a detriment. Gen. Van Gysel traded Bruce for Tryn's former Primeape when the battle rang out, which resulted in his evolution.

Before, Bruce tried to impress Tryn by thrashing about wildly in order to compensate for his deafness. Which resulted in a lot of damaged vehicles and a strict warning from the higher ups.

He has come to like Tryn more than her father due to her treatment and patience with his disability. Right now, Tryn is training him to sense aggressors by feeling the vibrations on the ground.

Chuck | Hitmonlee | Jolly | Reckless | Male:

Chuck has taken the role of the 'helper Pokemon,' either by training Bruce or leading Rogers around. He is a very free spirited pokemon and enjoys sparring with Tryn. He also is very protective of his master and she reciprocates.

He is epileptic so he can't exhaust himself too much. The army originally wanted to dispose of him for his inability to tire himself to the bone. Tryn immediately snatched him up and refuses to treat him with a handicap because he "might" get a seizure. She is slowly working on his tolerance and durability so his chances of getting worn out continue to decline.

Tryn always carries around a small dose of Valium just in case he appears to have an aura about him. So when he is high as a kite, he normally rides around on Bruce babbling about clouds and birds... thankfully his deaf friend cannot hear his ramblings and make fun of him for that.

Burke | Primeape | Impish | Vital Spirit | Female:

Besides Tryn, Burke is the most patriotic thing around. She was appalled to find herself in the Rogue base and began leveling the area until Capt. Van Gysel stepped in and sedated her. It has been suspected she was given alcohol to make her cooperate -- which resulted in her subsequent addiction.

She counts her lucky stars that she was sobering up during the Violet City riots, otherwise she really would have had a reason to drink.

Personality wide: Burke is a brat. Plain and simple. She is like the annoying kid on the bus who pokes you until you holler and then claims ignorance - which then gets you in trouble.


1. She infiltrated Johto for a week
2. She eats 5 dozen Exeggcute every morning to help her get large
3. Tryn won a pie eating contests just by staring down the other contestants
4. One time she lost a bet and had to wear a dress. She wore a circus tent instead.
5. Her hair is full of secrets. That's why it's so big
6. Her breasts are secretly body enhancing dittos
7. She doesn't sleep. She waits.
8. She eats an entire roasted Unfezant every day for lunch. And she doesn't share.
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youngsherlockholmes Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Love the new app look <3 Tryn you as badass as ever!
Torinados Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Why thank you 8u
youngsherlockholmes Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
DAYUM. 8U Kanto reppin! And good to have you back with us! <3
Torinados Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
SHE BLEEDS KANTO. SHE CRIES KANTO. SHE BREATHES KANTO. If Kanto died and was reincarnated, it would be Torin. >8U

Glad to be back? 8c
youngsherlockholmes Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

I'm still for Margaret "Maggie" as renaming, just sayin ouo <3
Torinados Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
Hhhhhhh i thought of it but Maggie's waaaay to close to my name and UGH NO MORE SELF INSERT TITLE FOR YOU, TRYN.

I... I just wanted an excuse to call her "Trini" after the yellow power ranger ;n; But yes. BUFFTITS MCGILLICUDDY FOR KANTO!
youngsherlockholmes Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww well fiiiiiine pff BUFFTITS MCGILLICUDDY this is an acceptable alternative yes XD
theBATCLAM Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I guess this means you're back? I feel very confused as to whats happening @__@

A lot of the folds in her clothing confuse me, other than that it's always nice to see some muscular girls!
Torinados Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
Hhhhhhhhhhhhh it's a long story. TL;DR lots of stuff happened for an extended period of time and I dealt with it alone and I kinda... broke? Yup. Pieces of me all over the floor.

ESGKNF FOLDS. My greatest enemy! Ugh, know any tutorials besides that one floating around the tumblrverse?

And yes. We love our hulk women. Yes. Yes we do.
theBATCLAM Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I'm so sorry, you know if you ever need someone to talk too I'm always around like on Skype or tumblr, I don't mind talking or listening at all. You're too nice to break, I'll get the glue! >_<

I really enjoyed this cloth tutorial! I hope it helps :)

I do! I need to draw my hulkier women more.
Drake-Ryu Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Interesting use of the eyes for the Pokemon. I'm excited to see the rest of them!
Torinados Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
Hopefully you will? ouo Thank you so much
Oniwanbashu Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Oh god I can't.
You completely lost me at the Gaston reference XDXD.
I just.
This woman has my votes. All of them.
Torinados Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
STUFF THE POLL BOXES! ;D; I saw your comment and just.... smiles. Everywhere. ;u; Thank you so much and I am so glad you like her
Kaeghlighn Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012
*votes for Torpedo Tits McBeefcake*
Torinados Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012
Mmmm that names just rolls off the tongue. Some may say it's an insult, Torin begs to differ. Not anyone's britches are big enough for a name like that BU
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